NFB a Fall Favorite

We love to see New For Baby included in any ‘Favorites,’ but particularly by the Naptime Reviewer – a trusted source when it comes to all things lifestyle, travel and kids.


3 Babies in 4 Years? Yep She Knows Her Bodysuits!

We love great product reviews, but we love them even more when there are cute pictures attached. Thanks to Farrah at A Fulfilled Mommy blog for the wonderful shout out:

A Fulfilled Mommy blog received one baby clothing item in exchange for my honest review. I received no money for this post. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own.This blog is not responsible for shipping. 

Leigh from was kind enough to send Hallie a 3-6 month bodysuit to try out. I
absolutely loved it and it looked super cute on her.The material is light weight and durable. Although it was long sleeved, we do get cooler weather sometimes in the Midwest even in the summer. The breathable material makes it great for days like that.

I have some very good friends having babies this fall, so I definitely plan on ordering some of the new gift & starter sets they are currently launching.


Pregnancy Magazine Mommy Review

We just love it when real life Mommies love New For Baby. Here’s what Andrea from Pregnancy Magazine wrote about NFB’s Classic Bodysuit and Yoga Pant:

Upon receiving this product for review, I could not wait until Baby L was big enough to fit into it. The cotton is so soft to the touch and the style so simple.

Baby L is just shy of 4 months and ranks in the 50th percentile across all her stats – she is average. The body suit and yoga pants she sports to daycare is size 0-3 months. She is definitely comfortable in it all day due to the soft material and perfect fit of the body suit that has its neckline a bit higher and tighter than her other onesies. But, it helps keep her warm. The long sleeves have the fold over cuffs which make it easy to put around her hands while she is napping to avoid scratching herself.

The pants are just as comfortable and are perfect for those infants that tend to have longer legs. I find that a lot of pants are sometimes to short for her, but these are a great length and have not shrunk wash after wash. If I could get a pair of the yoga pants, I would wear them all day too. They are a wide leg pant which makes it so easy to take on and off during diaper changes. And just like Mama, Baby L does prefer to wear her pants a little lower to not have to cover her entire belly, which these pants allow.

Two other features of this outfit I love is the ability of the fabric to keep spit up off baby. I felt that it wiped away really easily off the fabric and when dried, didn’t even leave any stains or marks. The second lovable feature is that these pieces are tagless. No itchy clothing tags that have to rub up against the back of baby’s neck or hips! That is rare to find these days.

All in all, I would recommend this outfit to all mamas out there looking for a well fitting, soft, and good looking piece to cloth their babies with all day long!

After Baby Fitness Tips from Knocked-Up Fitness

I think we’re all a bit tired of Hollywood Mommies ‘bouncing back’ after baby. Of course they do – it’s their job! And they have trainers, chefs, nannies, etc. all there to help them do it. So take a breath, enjoy your newborn, and focus on your health and well being. The body will follow.

When you are feeling like you are ready for fitness, here are some great tips from pregnancy and postpartum fitness expert Erica Ziel. Her Knocked-Up Fitness is a great source for information, motivation and fun! 

(Be sure your doctor has given you the ok to work out again post-baby)

If you’ve just had your little one start where you left off in your 3rd trimester working out. Don’t be surprised if it feels harder now then it did when you were 9 months pregnant. Sleep deprivation can really wear you out.

  • Start slowly, easing your body back into exercise. Exercise in the beginning doesn’t have to be brutally challenging, rather focus on creating good lifestyle habits of moving your body daily & eating healthy food. If you’re nursing, remember everything you eat baby eats too.
  • Breastfeeding can really help drop those extra baby pounds but note that your body tends to hang onto those last 5-10 pounds until you are done nursing. Your body needs that extra fat store to produce milk for your baby.
  • Strap your baby to you & get out & walk
  • Aim for 30 minutes of cardio 4-6 days every week
  • Do your kegels! Re-strengthening your pelvic floor & transverse abdominals is the key to getting your flat belly back!
  • Avoid crunches in the beginning; give your abdominals time to come back together.
  • Challenge your ab muscles with other full body exercises, such as walking, jogging, squats, lunges, really any exercises that require your entire body to move involve your abdominals.
  • Focus on your posture, using your butt & ab muscles to help you pick up your baby & toys from the ground.
  • Grab some light dumbbells to sculpt your arms into sleeker sexy arms.
  • Squat & lunge your way to lift your booty & tighten those thighs.


Here are a couple exercises to get you mommas moving in the right direction:

This exercise feels so good after baby to work your booty, stretch your back muscles & strengthen your arms. Don’t have an exercise band, you can use light dumbbells to work your chest instead.

Give these Booty exercises a try to lift & tone!

Yes you can get your abs back after baby, here’s a great place to start reconnecting your deep core. Think “kegels” while you exercise!

 Erica has just released her newest 2 DVD set, After Baby – Pilates-Infused Functional Workouts, “From Knocked-up to Knock Out”. Whether you’ve just had a baby or it’s been many years these DVD’s are for you! Over 2 hours of exercises with 10 workouts from beginner through advanced to choose from. These workouts are designed to not only get you looking fabulous but feeling amazing! 

*Use the code “newbaby5″ to get $5 off Erica’s new DVD!

Better Basics For Boys

Well, we couldn’t agree more! Thanks to In The Know Mom for this great review of the New For Baby Yoga Pant. Because little boys don’t need only dump trucks and baseball on their clothing. They need clean lines & bright basics.

One Month Must-Have

Thanks to Kelli at babybellykelli for including New For Baby’s Comfort Sleep Gown in her product reviews for One Month Must-Haves. We agree that a sleep gown is a MUST for baby, and we think her little baby girl looks just too cute in Grape.

New For Baby on Pinterest

We are loving Pinterest. The ideas, the organization, the inspirations… all of it except how you can start to browse and look up to see that an hour has passed! Oh well, it’s a nice way to spend a nap time. Feel free to follow New For Baby, with boards like Photo Ideas, Nursery, Baby Tips, Yum, Crafty, Hip Baby Clothes, Behind the Scenes & more.

New Delivery Of Yoga Pants

The waiting, the anticipation, the excitement… it’s been almost like pregnancy! New For Baby is thrilled to announce the arrival of our 4 must-have newborn essentials: The Original One Piece, Comfort Sleep Gown, Classic Bodysuit and Yoga Pant. Those items you reach for again and again and want in every color and size. Speaking of colors, our supersoft cotton garments come in 10 vibrantly unique colors: Coconut, Chocolate, Ocean, Sky, Grape, Palm, Tangerine, Banana, Cherry and Watermelon. Check them out!

NFB in Brand! VOL.3

We received a nice little note from Jay Fletcher today that the recently re-designed NFB logo was included in Brand! VOL.3.
We knew that Jay did a great job with the logo and site, but this is super cool that he’s getting this recognition.

Thanks and great work Jay!

NFB Re-Design

After almost four years of business, it was time to polish up the appearance of New For Baby. Thanks to the highly talented Jay Fletcher, we now have a superbly re-designed logo and website.

Sweet! Love ya Jay!