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We have some suggestions for how to deal with the daily irritants in your life and a few recommendations for great online destinations like the fabulous, recently launched offering hip styles for your newborn.

New For Baby – Good For You!

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Finally something that new parents can all agree upon: NEWFORBABY.COM!

Created for the tiniest ones ages zero to three or four months….the time is NOW for your baby to wear THE SOFTEST COTTON around!! Your destination for the best wares in town:!

We opened our package and was delighted to see the most AMAZING teeny weenie clothing around! Created by two mothers who know EXACTLY what new parents need… New For Baby is a smash hit!

Get your fingers ready and type away to! All their products are so well thought out, practical and stylish…hip for the most discerning!

Congratulations to every new parent who stocks their baby’s drawers with NewForBaby!!

They said it best:
new is the freshest, sweetest newborn layette with details not found anywhere else (cut to fit newborns, tagless, low rise pants, foldover cuffs, etc.

Check it out today!

Mommies With Style Dig NFB Style

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Comfortable newborn clothes from New For Baby.

New for Baby is a new line of comfortable and hip infants apparel. The clothes are tag free and made of all snaps so they open and close with ease. Each item is made for an infant baby and fits up to 3-4 months. Designs are simple and made of a thick cotton, everything you need in clothing a newborn.

New for Baby gift sets are great if you are stumped as to what to bring a friend in a hospital, or to a baby shower. You can pick boy, girl or unisex and select from a variety of package sizes.

Portland Picks NFB

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What’s New?

Your baby should and will have style immediately upon exiting the womb. Because it’s your baby, of course, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But also because you, wise Mama, shop at New.

This Portland “mompreneur” just launched that offers newborn clothing that fits, in modern colors and fresh, mix-and-match designs. And these are tagless, with foldover cuffs, snaps at the neckline and low-rise pants (let’s show off that new belly button for heaven’s sake). Be one of the first to discover New!

UrbanMamas Finds Us Quickly

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If your in the market for a newborn layette, a local mama has launched a new hip and stylish for the littlest of the bunch. The basics are cute one pieces, body suits, comfort pants, cozy hoodie, hat, mitts, blanket, sleep bag, burp cloth, bib, and socks. Oh, let’s not forget my all time essential for a newborn – the comfort sleep gown.

Check out New For Baby!